Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Embrace National Women’s Confidence Day

Did you know today is National Women’s Confidence Day? I had no idea, and only found out about it because I heard a radio DJ declare it a few days ago.

Last year, rapper and actress Queen Latifah, Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney (D-N.Y.) and the YWCA teamed up to launch the first National Women’s Confidence Day, to be celebrated the first Wednesday in June. Their goal is to acknowledge and increase confidence among women in their professional and personal lives.

I think it’s a great starting point. Women should take time to reflect on their successes, family, joys in life, careers and relationships. My hope, though, is that women do not pause for reflection on just one day a year. Celebrations of confidence should be spread out because heaven knows we all need constant little reminders that life is gonna turn out A-OK. I think this is where I cue up Gloria Gaynor.

So to honor this day, (and really every day) where women should hold their head up high, here are five ideas to encourage confidence building:

1. Call, e-mail, or heck, even text message, that guy you’ve been crushing on for weeks. Who knows? You might have a date for Friday night.

2. Jot down a short list of things you have accomplished recently. Here’s mine as an example: * Spent quality time with my sick grandma. * Finally started cleaning out the second bedroom. * Mailed out birthday cards so they got there on time.

3. Go out and buy a really flattering outfit or some sexy lingerie.

4. Dust off all of your photographs at home, on your desk or in your wallet. Take a long look at those who love you for just being you.

5. Take your arms, hold them out in front of you, cross them, fold them back toward you and give yourself the biggest hug and pat on the back you can give. You deserve it!


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Oh, that's right. It's the Observer. Reality has no bearing on what's printed.

Mockingbird said...

Women's Confidence Day - great idea! Although our society (by and large) treats women pretty darn well, it's important to remember that that's in large part because women began DEMANDING to be treated well.

Alas, this is not true for all parts of the world. But we're not powerless about that, either. Want to help? Go to and learn how you can make your voice heard. You might even want to donate that money you were going to spend on that pretty lingerie to help stop the horrid practice of stoning women to death who refuse to "behave."

Want to learn more? There's a fundraiser on June 23rd over at the Park Terrace Theatre beginning at 7:30. More information can be found at

And it's not just for "girl-folk." After all, confident men aren't afraid of confident women.