Thursday, July 23, 2009

Men asked, they answered

Today, lifestyle site revealed the results of The Great Male Survey, which polled more than 50,000 men on their views about relationships, finance, fashion and more.

“The results of the 2009 survey confirmed that men aren't the bumbling sex maniacs that TV shows and commercials make us out to be," said James Bassil, editor-in-chief of "We're in fact intelligent, romantic, self-aware beings … with enormous libidos.”

Some of the results:

84 percent of men look for wife potential in a girlfriend.

85 percent of men believe that they should pay for the majority of dates at least until a relationship is established.

70 percent of men would not cheat, but only 13 percent are entirely satisfied with their sex lives.

84 percent cook at home.

50 percent are comfortable with their significant other staying in touch with an ex.

69 percent have fantasized about a girlfriend or wife's friend.

73 percent of men are comfortable sending birthday wishes via text message, versus a phone call or face-to-face greeting.

81 percent of respondents say that the economic crisis has not had a direct negative effect on their career progress; yet it did prompt 69 percent of men to save more money in 2009.

– The best-dressed men are in Italy.

– American men have greater moral qualms about living with a partner before marriage, are more likely to fake an orgasm (!!), and are more concerned about global warming than their male counterparts in Australia, UK and Canada.

In addition, partnered with Yahoo! Shine for The Great Female Survey, which had about 19,000 respondents. Highlights:

34 percent of women said their confidence is their main weapon to attract men.

17 percent use their looks as their secret weapon.

39 percent of women believe Sarah Palin set women back 20 years.

– More than 75 percent believe that women of this era are best identified as “do-it-all multi-taskers” versus the 8 percent who feel that a woman should be identified as a nurturing mother and the 13 percent who think of women as “career women go-getters.”

Comparative results revealed:

– Men are more traditional, women are less traditional.

12 percent fewer women than men believe that marriage is a necessary institution that they will participate in to help preserve.

48 percent of men said they would dump a girlfriend if she became fat (c'mon, guys!), while 70 percent of women said they would keep a husky boyfriend around.

60 percent of men would take the male birth control pill and 68 percent of women would prefer that option too.

Are the results what you expected? I was surprised at how many men thought they should pay for more dates at the beginning of the relationship ... and that so few are satisfied with their sex lives. Also, I say bring on that male birth control pill!

You can view full survey results here and here.


Mary said...

"70 percent of men would not cheat, but only 13 percent are entirely satisfied with their sex lives."

Most men would cheat, if given the chance, because it is their nature to seek sexual satisfaction.

Anonymous said...

50,000 subscribers to a magazine who choose to respond to a survey doesn't make for a very representative sample of all men or make for a scientific survey.

But at least you know the views of men who choose to read "A men's online magazine offering the best advice on dating, secrets of love, celebrity biography, relationships and health."

but you're not going to get much insight into the rest of us men who aren't into dating advice, secrets of love or celebrity biography.

Anonymous said...

I believe that programs like According to Jim, or something like that, are an insult to men in general. Jim Belushi plays a vile ignorant immature disrepectful idiot (sorry I'm venting here). In real life a guy like that probably couldn't keep a wife around. Shows like that are an insult to men (and I'm a woman saying this). I can only watch it for 5 seconds before I want to puke.

Anonymous said...

This would be far more interesting if YOU did the survey instead of the old copy and past deal. As far as 85% of men that think they should pay for dates until the relationship is established I think not. To get to a relationship there must be two way exchange even in the dating process. Yes, I see myself as almost an expert on dating and could easily write a successful advice column about the subject. It might even be funny....

Anonymous said...

"... and that so few are satisfied with their sex lives. Also, I say bring on that male birth control pill!"

What, pray tell, does a male birth control pill have to do with men being satisfied with their sex lives, other than the fact that it would save the trouble of fooling with a condom?

Anonymous said...

Interesting - but not surprising. Men and women assume certain ideas, replies and answers from the opposite sex based on years of underestimating one another.

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Cham said...

What happened to this blog? no posts since 2009.

Lezza Baker said...

Very interesting data. The question I have is how man of these men were single? as opposed to already in a committed relationship.