Thursday, January 10, 2008

Man runs into wife -- at brothel

From the "we couldn't make this up if we tried" file of stories is this one out of Warsaw, Poland. Click here for the entire story.

Brief synopsis: A husband goes to a brothel and runs into his wife who has been making some, um, friends, and oh, some money on the side.

I sure hope the couple, who are now divorced according to the story, do not have kids. What do you tell them? Your mom was earning money the hard way, and well, your dad was spending money the easy way?

This type of story is funny because it's unusual and reeks of unfortunate circumstance, but the sad reality is people's stupid actions often affect innocent bystanders, and that is not so funny.


Anonymous said...

The title of your blog is "we can relate"... how exactly do you relate to this?

Anonymous said...

think it is really rather funny - who intiated the divorce

If the woman did - it is ok to rent the goods out but not sample the services.....

or go the other way if the hubby started the divorce.

i have had an some on the side with another married person.

Before I did it I had to stop and think - what would I do if my spouse did the same..... I decided I would be a little bothered by it but in the end I could live with it. To my knowledge they never have but if they did I would be cool..... maybe even offer a 3some :)

Anonymous said...

oh and i wonder if she offered a discount to the poor bastard

Anonymous said...

If anonymous (2:40) is a female can you send me her contact info?

Anonymous said...

anonymous 2:40 has to be a woman. how many men do you know that use a :) ?
boys may be, not men.

Anonymous said...

hey anon 9:50 this is 2:40

whatcha got in mind