Monday, August 11, 2008

Edwards mess: People really think like this?

After returning from a trip down to Alabama this weekend for my 20-year high school reunion (I'll fill you in on that later), I was cleaning out my e-mail when I came across this from a co-worker:

"This is one of the comments on the Edwards story," she wrote. "It disgusts me."

Here's the comment:

"Big deal. The guy got a little outside action. I'm sure he loves his wife and kid and he is concerned about his wife's medical condition. Nothing wrong with cheating on your wife, just don't bring any STDs or unwanted babies home. I'm sure he paid the woman money, paid her rent, gave her hush money, etc. I'm sure she knew he was married. Get all you can Mr. Edwards, just be a little more careful next time."

Get all you can, Mr. Edwards? Are you kidding me?

I want someone to please explain this statement to me: "Nothing wrong with cheating on your wife." How can there be nothing wrong with betraying the trust of someone you supposedly love?

Readers, do you agree with this commenter? Is cheating on your spouse OK, as long as you don't bring home diseases and babies ... and you don't get caught?


Anonymous said...

Yes, unfortunately, people not only think these things, they live their lives accordingly...or wish they were. By the time they realize how empty and foolish the "get mine" personal worldview really is, there are usually legal, financial and social ramifications, as well as one or more people whose lives are deeply impacted by someone who chooses to simply "have sex".

Sex is never just sex, y'all.

Anonymous said...

If we can't trust and be trusted by others then we are going to live our lives alone no matter how many sex partners we have.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Elizabeth Edwards is one of those "smugly marrieds" you refer to here.

Anonymous said...

sex is a physical act, that is it.

Anonymous said...

He wanted some.....He got some. Why are you not just as mad at the women ?

Marie said...

Okay! Okay! OMG. It is not in anyway OK to cheat on your husband or wife. If you "want some," get it from your spouse. And if your spouse is unable, I believe self-love is always available. Outrageous to suggest it is okay!
Speaking with 15 yrs of marriage.