Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Ad shocking ... in a good way

I was bored and flipping through the TV channels when I saw a commercial that made my jaw drop. It was for Trojan's Vibrating Touch, a fingertip massager that ... ahem, gives women pleasure.

It wasn't the massager that shocked me, but the fact that there was a commercial on television advertising it. Sure, it was almost 2 in the morning, but the ad was on AMC, no less! (I would think Bravo or FX, but there it was ...)

A tasteful commercial is a leap forward in taking some of the mystery and stigma away from sex toys. Trojan has done a nice job of mainstreaming sexual aids with its Elexa line for women, and this toy is a logical step. I think it's great that more women and couples can see, even if it's on late-night cable TV, that not only is it OK to be interested in sex toys, but you can have attractive and affordable ones of your own. And that no, it doesn't make you a perv!


Anonymous said...

Oh yes it does.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:53......Your crazy ! NO IT DOES NOT.

Anonymous said...

well, on my tv, satelitte if that matters, there is this shopping show called shop erotic and its pretty much a 'pure romance' party but in a QVC/HSN type of way... I found it when I had insomnia when I was pregnant... I didn't buy anything because I have plenty of toys... bought locally at Hwy 74 news and video. I support local shops. But 'toys' have long lost their stigma to my generation and younger. Heck, I saw a commerical on the channel the N, as in nickeloaden's teen channel, and the new Degrassi apparently has an episode where 2 girls bring a vibrator to school. I am not sure if I think such young girls need to know what a vibrator is but at least it can't get them pregnant! Oh and if it matters I am 30 and married.