Monday, October 16, 2006

A not-so-practical license renewal

Let's start off the week with a light-hearted suggestion from a friend of a friend.

Here's her idea: "You know how once you get a driver's license, it expires and then you have to return to the DMV to renew the license? Why isn't there an expiration date on a marriage license? Couples should have to go through a renewal process every 10 years!"

My thoughts: While renewing your marriage license every 10 years sounds ideal and fun, three obstacles immediately come to mind.

1) The divorce rate likely could double because many couples would elect not to renew.

2) What would the equivalent of the eye exam and sign test be? A "honey, do this" check-off list and a reflex test for charge-card wrist?

And ...

3) Now you're relying on the guy to not only remember the anniversary date, but your marriage would really depend on his memory for the sake of the renewal. Uh-oh.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Right on! Obstacle number one is right on the mark...we just reached the ten year mark in our marriage and my spouse has decided to "check out".

Oh, by the way, I do remember my anniversary date...