Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Reese and Ryan -- saw that one coming

Well, another celeb marriage goes kaput. This time it's Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillipe, married for seven years and parents to Ava, 7, and Deacon (great name!), 3.

I've watched them from the beginning with interest, hoping they would make it, thinking they would probably not. They married young -- he was 25, she was 23 -- and when both were Hot Young Things in Hollywood. Only thing is, where Reese's career soared, Ryan's just kinda ... puttered along. We'll never know what really went on in their relationship, but to me, the biggest give-aways were their appearances over the years. In most photos (like this one --and it's his night, the premiere of "Flags of Our Fathers"), Reese was always composed but Ryan usually just looked stank, like he didn't want to be there, and he wasn't gonna smile if he didn't want to, and get the stupid cameras outta his face, especially since you only want to photograph his wife, right?

Anyway, I can't help but think of this in the form of the US Weekly feature, "Stars -- they're just like us!"

"He drinks too much and does inappropriate things!" (Ryan got smashed at this year's Golden Globes and gave Reese such a hard congratulatory slap on the back when she won for her role in "Walk the Line," he almost knocked her over.)

"She's a control freak who has to have things just so!" (Her production company? It's called Type A Films.)

"He's jealous of her success!" (The aforementioned bad attitude and surliness in public.)

"They married young and grew apart!" (Several reports mentioned recent bad rows in public -- uncharacteristic for la Reese.)

"They tried to work it out for the children!" (In fact, I bet she hung in there an extra year, out of pure stubbornness.)

I don't doubt that they'll both have solid careers after this mess. But my prediction? We'll see Ryan carousing it up with other single guy pals in the mags, while Reese will take the high road and be photographed lunching with lady friends and playing with her kids -- and she'll focus like mad on her career.


Anonymous said...

way to pick the womans side and trash the husband without knowing the facts.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I really can't stand this blog. I stopped reading what Alisha and Deirdre had to say about 3 blogs into it. Their conversations are awkward and their individual writing ability is terrible. And as the earlier 2 comments said, they trash talk without knowing the facts. It's gotten to where I cringe when I go to Charlotte.com and I see "We Can Relate". I have news for you Alisha and Deidre, I'm not sure who you think you can relate to, but I do know that it's not me.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous, 3:29 pm: How can you say you hate this blog so much and stopped reading it, but then read this blog and took the time to even comment on it? If you cringe when you see, "We Can Relate" on the charlotte.com page, why don't you skip it and read something else? I'm not saying this blog is the best thing about the site, but at least I don't talk out of both sides of my mouth!

Anonymous said...

Reading this blog is like slowing for a peek at a roadside accident: morbid curiosity as to how bad it really is (and keeps getting).

Anonymous said...

This blog just shows how when it comes to divorce the guy can never win. You point the blame at him and then assume he'll be "carousing it up"; while she will of course "take the high road" and focus on the kids and her career. And you base this on how they appear in photos taken. The guy was in the Best Picture winner Crash and now the Clint Eastwood movie but his career "puttered"; meanwhile she has had one good movie in Walk the Line and is famous because of garbage like Legally Blonde - but her career "soared" so he must be jealous. Of course if the guy was the more famous star then it'd be his fault too for being too focused on his career or not avaiable. It's always HIS fault.

The same thing happens with real world people too. A guy can be a good husband and father and yet if his wife wakes up one day and decides her life is not as exciting as the latest TV show she saw then she can file for divorce and she'll get the house, the kids, most of the money, etc. And the world will assume like you do that somehow HE wrecked the marriage.

Why don't you relationship experts write a blog about how when marriages end the guy always gets screwed? Women always cry for equal rights....wonder how they'd feel if we lived in a world where in cases of divorce 50% of the time the kids lived with their dad full time and she got to be the weekend parent. The reason divorce rates are so high is that this is NOT the case and so women know the guy will get screwed...and that's why most divorce filings are done by women. And they also know that people like you with no facts will find a way to make the man the bad guy.