Friday, July 13, 2007

Warning signs a breakup is near

So you and your significant other can't stop fighting. The arguments started out over big things, issues that any couple should discuss, but now your fights focus on where you're going to dinner and why you didn't call when you got home two hours later than expected.

They all seem to be silly, petty arguments that make you wonder if your partner is trying to tell you something.

According to an article published Thursday on, author Elina Furman gives her top five signs you're about to get dumped. I think she hit the nail on the head with the "forgetting to call" sign.

What would be your top five signs?


Anonymous said...

Top 5 Signs You're About to be Dumped:

1. You come out of the office to find your car has been artistically altered with spray-painted words your mother told you never to use.

2. You come home to find all your clothes on the lawn (smoldering, optional).

3. Your key won't fit the door lock.

4. A police car pulls up, and the officer gets out, walks up, and hands you some paperwork.

5. You glance up toward the heavens and see buzzards circling.

Anonymous said...

1.) Change in appearance of partner

2.) Calls you by wrong name

3.) New grooming: shaving privates since when?

4.) homemade porn doesn't star you anymore

5.) partner signs YOU up for online dating with tag as SOON TO BE AVAILABLE

Aletha said...

Mine are:

1) Calls you someone's else name while having lack luster sex.

2) Introduces you to other's as only a "friend".

3) Is not interested in having those heart-to-heart discussion anymore.

4) Someone calls, and then hangs up when you pick up.

5) You have that feeling in your gut, yet you ignore until it's to late.

Anonymous said...

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