Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Long-distance love sure isn't easy

Deirdre: You've written about how you and your husband often don't see each other because of conflicting schedules, but what if you hadn't seen each other because you lived far apart -- do you think you still would've gotten married?
Alisha: He lived north of Greensboro when I first met him and I went to UNC Charlotte, so for three months, we did long-distance dating and it wasn't easy. If we had to date like that for years, gosh ... I don't know.
Deirdre: I've never been in a long-distance relationship. I attempted the early stages once, but with the wrong guy. He was a wannabe player and couldn't be trusted. Who knows what he would've been doing when I wasn't around!
Alisha: I admire anyone who has successfully pulled it off. It does require a lot of trust, tons of patience and a willingness to try phone sex.
Deirdre: HA! You cut right to the heart of it -- how do couples last without a steady level of physical intimacy? I think it depends on their personalities. And sex drives.
Alisha: Yeah, kissing the phone good night is not my idea of intimacy, though sometimes it is comforting to at least have someone who cares and can be there when you need to vent. It makes me wonder if some couples function better when there's distance rather than being on top of each other all the time.
Deirdre: You just made me think of a former co-worker. She and her man were a great pair long-distance, but as soon as he moved to be with her, their relationship crumbled. When you're apart, there's mystery and romance. When you're together for an extended period of time, the flaws are inescapable.
Alisha: So, is it really a relationship if you get together just a couple times a year?
Deirdre: I think a relationship is whatever the people involved agree that it is. If couples feel their needs are met even though they only see each other once or twice a year, more power to 'em. You never know what's going on inside a relationship unless you're in it.
Alisha: Amen to that. It's got to be challenging to maintain a marriage via e-mail, phone and trips home every couple of months. I'd like to see my husband take out the trash from 2,000 miles away!
Deirdre: Well, that's just it -- you have to be comfortable living what's essentially an independent life. You have to have enough self-confidence and enough faith, love and trust in your partner to believe even though you're miles away, you're still crucial to each other.
Alisha: There you have it, folks: If long distance works for you, congrats to you and yours. If it isn't, um, well, ever heard of online dating?


Charlotte Mortgage said...

very hard with long distance dating. I used to see my ex (who live more than 1hour away) almost every other day. She introduced me to fishing...and that was the end of the relationship. :)

Anonymous said...

Holy crap is long distance loving hard to do. I've done it often enough, too damn often in fact. Whatever you think about the girl, don't do it! No No No No No!!!

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