Friday, October 26, 2007

This company offers 'sex lessons'

“Company bosses say giving their predominantly male employees lessons on the menopause and foreplay gives them a healthy sex life, which in turn makes them happy, productive workers.”

Now that’s a statement you don’t hear every day when you’re at work, eh?

An Australian coal mining company has decided to offer classes on, well, bottom line: Understanding women.

My husband keeps chiding that one day he’s going wake up and he’ll know all there is to know about women, and then, all of a sudden, he'll die. If you don’t get the joke, ask a man to explain.

But truth of the matter is, if the employees are expressing a desire to learn more about why their wife just might not be in the mood when experiencing hot flashes, then good for them. I’m glad to see this company -- albeit one that’s thousands of miles and two oceans away -- deems such lessons as important to the well-being of its workers.

Not sure about your company, but The Charlotte Observer has a group of people who come up with ideas and ways to keep its employees healthy, such as weight-loss classes, a massage therapist, sessions on nutrition and yoga classes (all of which are not free before you think it).

Suggesting the group looks into a class on sex, relationships and marriage sounds like a mighty fine idea. If men need to learn more about effective foreplay for their spouses, then women sure could use some tips on listening to their husbands. Um, so I hear.

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