Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Little League the new Studio 54?

OK, so maybe this blog won’t be too informative from my point of view because, well, I neither have kids nor am I a man. So that’s why I need your help.

The question is: “Where do single dads in Charlotte go to meet women?”

I’m sure single men can be found mingling at Ri Ra’s, but is it necessarily the best place for a man who has two little ones at home to meet women open to the idea of a single dad?

For example, I can’t imagine a meat market like Crush as an ideal location for a single dad to land a girlfriend. I’m picturing it now:

Single dad: “Um, hey, can I have your phone number?
Cute woman: “Sure, just don’t call before 10 a.m., though, because that’s when I get up in time to make it to English 301.”
Single dad: “Hey, nevermind on that number.”

I asked a former single dad (he has remarried) about his own dating experiences. He said dating women who don't have kids of their own just didn’t work for him because on the whole, “they didn’t understand the commitment it takes to be a good father.”

Here are his suggestions:
* Join a sports team. Or take a fitness class. Or join a community service group. You'll meet people outside your normal comfort zone.
* Network. Just like jobs, it's about who you know, but it's also about who they know.
* Don't sit at home, even if it means going to a concert or an art festival alone. You may hate art, but women don't, and it's a great conversation starter.
* There are lots of singles groups through churches, the YMCA and other organizations, and many of them include and plan for single parents.
* The stigma of online dating is fading, so don't be afraid to give it a try.
* Bottom line: It's not how you meet that's important, it's that you give yourself the opportunity to meet.

There have got to be some good options or places in Charlotte single dads gravitate toward when dating, and I’d like to think We Can Relate readers could offer up some ideas or tips, much like the great advice above.


Matt said...

Yea....skip most of those single groups. I worked as a waiter in Charlotte while I was in college, and had several singles groups that came regularly.

These people really needed to stay single, and not breed. Fortunately, their social skills and general lack of character made it all but inevitable they wouldn't even date each other.

Sports groups, etc might be a good idea. I met my wife while hiking in SC.

Anonymous said...

Single dad sounds like he doesn't have the time for a woman--he's too busy being a "good dad." Boy, I'm glad I don't have kids!

Anonymous said...

I met a single dad in my last year in college, a little older than me with a cute son. We actually started talking when he had to bring his son into class one day because he didn't have a babysitter. Someone won me over, not sure if it was the dad or the kid.