Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hooked on 'Bachelorette'

I have to say, I'm a fan of "The Bachelorette" this season. Unlike the salaciousness of "A Shot at Love II" or the hot mess that is anything Flavor Flav is involved in, this show really seems to have the goal of a real relationship as its outcome. Well, as "real" as a relationship can be in six weeks with camera crews everywhere and 25 men competing for the attention of one woman.

What I like is the bachelorette, DeAnna Pappas, has decided she wants a husband-to-be at the end of this process, and she's let all the guys know it. The woman is 26 and she wants three kids by the time she's 30. She ain't playing around. I believe that people who want to be married and are ready to be married, will be married. Once you've decided, you try to find someone with the same life goals and you figure out if you can embrace the things you like about them and accept the things you don't. Because isn't that what marriage is all about? Love, yes, but also acceptance, understanding and compromise?

I think the most affecting episode happened this week, when DeAnna sent home Graham (pictured), the Raleigh native. Most people watching -- me included -- could sympathize with DeAnna's situation. She was attracted to Graham from the moment they met. She said he made her feel like a giddy schoolgirl. When she was with him, she couldn't keep her hands off him. She said she felt totally comfortable around him. And yet, not only did Graham have a problem with her dating other guys simultaneously (hasn't he ever seen the show?), he also didn't feel comfortable expressing his feelings. There were times it was obvious his mind was teeming with thoughts, but he wouldn't say a word. Total opposite of DeAnna. That standoffishness was probably part of his charm at first, but ultimately DeAnna got rid of him because she couldn't take the chance that he wasn't falling for her right back. (BTW, Graham has pretty much said he wasn't feelin' it, but if that's the case, speak up, dude! Just say you wanted TV exposure! She'd recover and move on!)

Yeah, DeAnna can be self-centered and irritating (alarm bells go off when she talks about the "perfect" life she could have with Jeremy ... or Jason), and yeah, the guys can come off as doofs, and yeah, situations are manufactured for TV. But it's still a fun show to watch, 'cause it's like Dating 101. You see how first impressions really can make or break you. Or if you're a nice person, but you have nothing in common with the one you're dating and there's no chemistry, it's not going anywhere ... and it really may be as simple as "she's just not that into you."


Anonymous said...

I have to say that I have never watched one of these shows before but because there is nothing else on television I have been sucked in and I Love It! Those guys kill me! My favorite part is when she kicks one of them to the curb and they are all like, "I don't care". Or they cry in the car back to the airport! Come on guys, grow a pair, would ya?

The only problem now is that I don't like any of the three left. I understand from my coworkers that she can opt not to choose any of them and that is what I hope she does. If all three of those guys cry it will be the best episode ever!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you and Theoden should hook up so all the "reality" crap is in one blog.

Anonymous said...

Reality shows generally blow. I'm sure this one is no different. But for the perfect life she thinks she has mapped out, remember, the easiest way to make God laugh is to tell Him your plans.

I can't see how she's so confident things are going to work out the way she thinks or wants them to. And if it does, I'd be stunned if she's as happy as she thought she'd be. Sure it's possible. But you have to live life and let whatever is going to happen, happen.

Anonymous said...

Please Deirdre, please, either find a relationship to relate to or go to work for an entertainment rag. My Tivo can do what you do.