Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Trend: Divorced couples living together

Gas prices, foreclosures, going green and bad credit are the hot buzzwords of 2008, and in these trying economic times, we’re all going about our lives with a different mindset than we did even five years ago.

One example of the changing times: Divorced couples are living together in the same house because they cannot afford to divide their assets, sell their house and move on.

Last week, The Boston Globe’s Lisa Prevost examined one divorced couple’s experience of trying to sell their home in a down market, all while having to cohabitate with their children.

When I first heard of the article, I immediately thought of a few friends who are in Charlotte and in the same predicament. It’s further proof this dilemma is not confined to just metropolitan cities like Boston, but it is in fact right in our own neighborhoods.

There are so many issues with divorced couples living together – too many to list and everyone’s situation is unique depending on children, finances and other intangibles – that it is hard for me to judge anyone going through it. But there is one important lesson to be gleaned from this new trend: It further enforces the idea that marriage is a long-term commitment and you need to be truly ready to take that step.

Heaven knows you don't want the future to include you living in the basement while your ex resides in the attic.


Truth Detector said...

cant we talk about gay marriage. it was alot more entertaining.

Anonymous said...

What is the point you're trying to make here? We all know times are hard, and divorced couples living together is nothing new. Perhaps it's getting more attention now as writers like you scrape the bottom of the journalistic barrel to find stuff to write about to show us how bad off we are.

And "further proof this dilemma is not confined to just metropolitan cities like Boston, but it is in fact right in our own neighborhoods."?? If Charlotte isn't a "metropolitan city," just what is it? We're not exactly farmers and rubes here, you know.

You can relate? What, exactly, can you relate to?

This is just the latest in a long series of pointless and inane commentaries you've written. Wonder when someone at the Observer is going to wise up, tell you ladies to clean out your desks, and show you to the door?

Hey, maybe you'll be part of that 11% RIF that's going to take place at the Observer.

Hope springs eternal...

Anonymous said...

anon 5:28

who didn't put enough lube on that corn cob that currently lodge so far up your rectum you can taste the kernals

this is a blog - not your source of earth shattering daily news

did you make a pass at Alisha and get turned down because size does matter?????

Anonymous said...

Actually Anon 5:28 has a point - another in a blog full of pointless, inane drivel.

A well written blog should be either informative, entertaining or thought provoking. This writer's posts are little more then the stream of consciousness gibberish of a hack with an over inflated sense of importance.

Ninety-five percent of 'blogs' are written by people with nothing to say. Thankfully, they post blogs rather then waste newsprint.

Unfortunately, Anon 5:28's observation that perhaps the writer and others of her ilk would be part of the cuts at the News & Observer is unlikely to happen. Given the N&O's focus on 'new media' and the 'web', these are the very folks likely to be retained, further accelerating the N&O's decline from providing actual news content to a publisher of mindless drivel and manufactured news.

truth detector said...

like i said...can we talk about gay marriage. at least we had some funny comments (for as long as they survived the CENSORS)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Anonymous 5:28 PM - You come across like you must be one of the unfortunate 11% RIF at the Observer. No Charlotteans are certainly not farmers and rubes but, obviously YOU are amoungst the rude and bitter.
On the whole it has been my experience that Charlotte is a delightful and enlightened
"metropolitan" area that has been fortunate to have some decent planning commissions with a considerable amount of foresight. The Charlotteans that I have met over the years have always represented a growing and progressive thinking group of individuals. Of course, every community has their "bad apples".
We can all relate to the loss of jobs,as well as the loss of lifestyles that we have grown accustom to. Due to the rising cost of living and the decline in the real estate market this has been coming.
Being critical to be constructive is one thing, being hateful and spiteful and bitter under the gise of criticisim is just an example of one more "McIntosh gone bad". Keep it up girls, I believe that the point of the blog is to occasionally stir the pot!!! Good for you!

Marie said...

Anon 5:28, This is just a blog! Relax~~~. Although everyone is entitled to their opinion-your is a little over the top. It is a topic, if you have nothing to say in relation to it--DON'T comment.
And I did not know divorced couples were still leaving with each other. I have to say if my hubby and I got a divorce, even "financial difficulties" could keep me hanging around him.