Friday, October 03, 2008

Enjoy a corny love moment

There's a blog -- -- where you can go and declare your love for all to see. You can write a love note, post a photo, record a song or recite your favorite sonnet, then post it on the blog. Link your post through one of the networking options and your message will go even further.

The blog was created by a 30-year-old guy in Portugal who hopes to reach 1 million posts. When I looked, it hovered around 900, so he has a ways to go. The posts are from all over; I read notes from the Ukraine, Malawi (where Madonna adopted her youngest kid), Spain, Indonesia, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, France, the U.K., New Jersey, California and more. Many were from young lovers; I saw a creepy message that included the book cover for "I Know You Really Love Me: A Psychiatrist's Account of Stalking and Obsessive Love." I have one word for the recipient of that missive: RUN!

To me, the most touching notes were from children to their mothers and from moms to their kids. One poster offered a message to "Everyone": "Tell people you love them today. You never know when you may see them again. (And don't forget about animals, too!)"

Got a minute? Why not go tell someone you love them?


Anonymous said...

That's a great idea. Love is going out to the world wide web and on to all the computers that view it. Wonderful!

marie said...

I wanted to say that I love the three men in my life! One helped me discover what I could be and the other two helped me be what I am....To the three Middleton men...