Monday, October 27, 2008

Gotta love friends

Hi, guys. Sorry I've been MIA; I was on vacation and determined to stay away from the computer. But now I'm back in the saddle. Hope you've had a great couple weeks!

Here's a text conversation between me and my friend Gabrielle, she of the sex party I told you about. A little background: I've had my eye on a certain bartender for awhile now, and I've been trying to decide if I want make a move. As you'll see, the fates haven't been in my favor.

Me: Went to bar; lusty bartender off. 3rd time this happened. i think its a sign i shuldnt mess wid him. (yes, I'm wordy, even in text messages -- I'm a writer; what do you expect?)

Gabrielle: U are being melodramatic.

Me: is there any other way to be?

Gabrielle: not really! :) all my friends live with exclamation points.

Friends -- they talk you down off the ledge when you're overreacting and love you for who you are.

If anything happens with the hot bartender, I'll let you know.


Anonymous said...

you are so very sad

Anonymous said...

You have got to be kidding me. This blog has really sucked since Alisha left.

BigMikey said...

I love this stuff. Can't get enough. Thinking about becoming a bartender. Willing to be tutored. I'll bring the candles and the Best of Sade.

barkomomma said...

I disagree: This blog has really sucked.


But, like the wreck at 9th & Tryon this morning, I have to stop to look.

And I see the "new blood" is really making a difference.

Anonymous said...

Bring back Alisha Alisha Alisha Alisha Alisha Alisha Alisha Alisha Alisha

Anonymous said...

What's sad is the people taking time to make hateful comments. Nobody's forcing you to read this blog. Move along if you don't like it. I happen to like it.

Marie said...

I usually love this blog, but I think this post was weird...?? I dont understand how I am suppose to relate or comment to this.. Not your best work..Sorry.