Friday, November 07, 2008

Obamas a fine example of a fine marriage

Anyone paying attention to the state of America today knows what a hot mess President-elect Obama will have to deal with when he takes office in January. I keep coming back to the same thought when I consider the rough road ahead:

Thank goodness he has Michelle.

We'll never know what's really going on in the Obama marriage, but they present a picture of a strong, healthy partnership that I don't think is being faked. Lord knows they'll need it now more than ever.

I followed the entire presidential race, -- yep, almost two years -- and one of the aspects I found myself focusing on was the interaction between the candidates and their spouses. For instance, I became fixated on catching a glimpse of Hillary and Bill Clinton in a full-bodied hug, or seeing them peck on the lips instead of his lips brushing her cheek (I saw neither). And people might call Cindy McCain a robot, but I saw the affectionate glances she tossed her husband's way, and the blue steel of her gaze when she felt insulted on his behalf.

Say what you will about Barack and Michelle Obama -- and plenty people have -- but can there be any doubt that they are a man and woman in love? They're each other's biggest fan. There's an easy intimacy about them that is inspiring. He often refers to her as the love of his life, and sometimes when they're together you get the feeling that at that moment, it's only the two of them, and nothing else matters.

And how did they spend their Friday morning? At a parent-teacher conference at their girls' school. On Halloween, Barack the Dad walked 7-year-old Sasha to a party as Secret Service agents followed at a respectful distance. Even though Michelle the Mom will be First Lady, she has vowed to attend dance recitals and anything else her kids want her there for.

I think the Obamas offer a fine example of what a happy, healthy marriage looks like. There's obvious respect, support and communication there, and a sense that it's a partnership where both sides hold up their end of the bargain and have each other's back. And frankly, I'll feel better knowing my president is happily married and less likely to spend his time trying to get a little something on the side. That way, he can focus on more important things ... like being the leader of the free world.


Anonymous said...

Wow i cant even get away from the Amazing bama here

cltindependent said...

thank you for this post. I agree. I think no one mentions it because it doesn't fit into the scary image of him people are supposed to have. As a side item, I appreciate how gracious the Bush family has been during the transition as well.

Anonymous said...

Are you a fly on the wall? No one knows how "real" anyones marriage truly is. WIth the cameras rolling, what is real and what is the illusion? Nick and Jessica? Hulk and Linda? Bill and Hilary? Ricky and Lucy?

Anonymous said...

I agree that the marriage and the family looks strong. I didn't vote for Obama because I didn't agree with his policy positions and previous votes. However, I would say that he and Michele are raising 2 bright, adorable girls, and the Mr. and Mrs. appear to "be on the same page" about their goals.

I also agree that the affection between Cindy and John McCain appears genuine, and that the Bushes have been gracious during this transition.

Anonymous said...

No one knows how any relationship REALLY is. The public see's what it wants to see. What a real relationship is what is behind closed doors... the front door, not just the bedroom door.

Anonymous said...

I saw Obama on CSPAN the other day--it was an interview of him filmed on 10/20/08. The interviewer told Obama, "you are on the cover of Time, USA Today, etc. etc." Obama then made a comment "yes Michelle said she is getting sick of seeing me in the news everyday". I thought, well that's a nasty thing to say about your husband. She should be happy he's all over the place and support him.
Then at the polls on 11/4/08, Obama may have been joking, but he told reporters that Michelle was taking a very long time to vote and he wanted to ask her who she voted for. He may have been joking but that comment also caught my attention. She does have the look of a crazy postal employee.