Thursday, December 18, 2008

A card, to say you care

I have friends I haven't talked to in months. You know what it's like -- you mean to send an e-mail. You mean to call. But time slips away, and before you know it, the end of the year draws near. And if you're like me, when December rolls around you find yourself driving to the post office with a stack of holiday cards sliding around on the passenger seat.

I'm not one to get too excited about holidays -- you work enough of them, the magic fades -- but this is the time of year when I look forward to checking my mail. There's just something about spotting a bright green or red envelope mixed in with the bills and magazines. No matter how bad my day has been, it's hard to stay grumpy when you open a goofy card from a person you haven't heard from in ages, or you view a friend's family portrait with cute kids growing up impossibly fast.

The holiday card is the great equalizer. It says, "I know we haven't talked, but that doesn't mean I don't care." It says, "In the midst of all the shopping-eating-family drama frenzy, I took a moment to think of you, and wanted to let you know." It says, "We're family."

It's sort of the renewal of a vow: you stay in my life, and I'll stay in yours.


Anonymous said...

I agree for sure on the receiving cards yet I am not a card sender for hallmark declared sending days much, rather instead I call someone and we meet for coffee or a snack or a hot toddy and a quick visit in between schedules or if I am out and about in their neighborhood we meet somewhere on the spur of the moment notice. Phone calls, cards, emails, test messages and photos or meetings all great to do for a energy boosting hug and smile during the hectic lives we so often lead. And or take something to them spontaneously especially neighbors as we ring the door bell and a quick hug and hello and say just checkin on you as I haven't seen you for awhile. Or the elderly too always enjoy a short visit as I like to do with goodies too, not allot but they always enjoy and look forward to the small gifts and hugs and life line to catch up on news around town. thanks for the card smile reminder, tonite I opened one with those yearly notes and photos! greetings!

Anonymous said...

Mandatory anonymous disparaging remark about the state of the blog.

Anonymous said...

Thought you gals were gonna update more often? What happened to the better and improved WCR? So much for that.