Monday, June 29, 2009

Will we ever like public couples?

When it comes to the seesaw of public opinion, the past few weeks have given us the extreme highs and lows of relationships and politics.

Most recently, we watched in awe -- and, many of us, in disgust -- as S.C. governor Mark Sanford confessed to an extramarital affair and his wife, Jenny, explained that she kicked him out to maintain her dignity. We derided the governor, praised his wife, and pitied their family for having to deal with all of it.

A few weeks before that, we saw President Obama take his wife, Michelle, on a romantic date -- dinner in New York City and a Broadway show. We complained. We asked: Were the Obamas setting an unrealistic example for romance? We sniffed: Nice that he can take his wife to NYC for a date, unlike the rest of us.

So we don't like philanderers. And we don't like romantics. Huh?

Seems like, when it comes to couples in the public eye, all we do is complain.

We've criticized how Elizabeth Edwards has handled her husband's infidelity. We've watched with glee for any sign of strife between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. We slammed Lisa Marie Presley for marrying Michael Jackson -- and questioned her need to declare her love upon his death.

So, who do we love? Is there a high-profile relationship in which we wouldn't find fault? And, if the answer is no, what does that say about us?


Anonymous said...

We loved Jack and Jacqueline Kennedy but their love turned out to be a facade and we felt betrayed. As we turn world-weary eyes on the Pitts, we are reminded of their prior undying loves and are not convinced. Aside from Billy Graham and Paul Newman, we haven't seen true love in a long time.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Stewart (Gloria),
Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson,
Ron and Cheryl Howard

They are out there, for sure!

Carl Reiner was eight years younger I believe than Estelle and married in 1943 she died in 2008.

Bon Jovi and Dorothea, on and on....
Of course they would all probably say they are far from perfect! Very human, yet seem humble with their marriages.
The real blog question.
no one is perfect and we are all for sure very human!
those talked about and those doing the talking!

Catholic101 said...

How is what Mark Sanford did any different from what some people do who aren't married but can be convinced by some men or women "to go on trial run"?

Governor Sanford was just on a trial run. Or was it a trail run?

Sleeping around is sleeping around. Either your unfaithful to your spouse or unfaithful to yourself.

Vincenzo said...

The Freudian side of me says the obvious, and that is folks preoccupation with others affairs is just another way of trying to find what may be missing from theirs whether they are happy or not.

Personally I am not a fan of others peoples lives, unless it relates to my own in such a personal level we can share a Slurpee, and bag Orville's best while musing over whatever topic at hand has made itself an issue.

Believing that most all public couples, including the new one pushing all these insane spending bills are based on a fictitious rendering of how they want to be perceived, instead of who they are
why not just go with the more real of the public couples and

Noah and Allie (my fav), Forrest and Jenny, Fred and Wilma......Ike and Tina....

Mary said...

I don't care about public couples' dates and affairs as much as I do my neighbors', friends', co-workers', acquaintances' and sisters'.

People like to complain. Many Republicans would complain about anything Obama does. Many complain because they are jealous of another's success.

Anonymous said...

We are a society that likes to find fault at every turn. We also like to take out our frustration with our own lives on those in the public eye and those around us. It's unfortunate.

My Secrets said...

I like the stories of "copule next door" or "the girl next door." I really couldn't care less about all these public figures or celebrities.