Saturday, August 19, 2006

Dance for me, baby

I grew wistful as I examined photos from Friday's Argentine World Tango Championship in Buenes Aires, Argentina.

What a sexy dance. Have you ever tried it? I went through this phase a few years ago when I was really into ballroom and salsa dancing, and I attempted the Argentine tango. I think it may be the hardest dance ever, especially if you're a strong-willed woman. The hardest thing is to just relax and open your mind and allow your body to be led around the dance floor -- all the while trying not to be intimidated by the fact that you and your dance partner are close enough to merge DNA. I was always trying to guess what my partner was going to have me do next -- therefore, I could never do it, because I was too busy thinking about it.

Still, if I could choose the attributes of the perfect man for me, a love of dancing would be in the top five. I still remember how envious I felt when one of my best friends dreamily recounted stories of an ex who liked to pull her into his arms and twirl her around the living room to their favorite standards. (I already asked -- he's married to someone else and besides, he's too short for me.)

Meanwhile, it was the tragedy of my last boyfriend's life that he was born without, as he put it, the "dance gene." He adored soul music and hip-hop, but couldn't make his body do what he wanted on the dance floor. He had to get nearly stumbling drunk to even attempt to bust a move in public. It was sad. He wouldn't even sway to an Earth, Wind & Fire tune without a beer. As a result, when Deirdre went dancing, boyfriend stayed home.

How important is dancing to you? Is it a deal-breaker if your man or woman can't dance? Or would you settle for someone who simply has an appreciation for music and can kind of tap his or her toes to the beat?


Anonymous said...

I guess there are more important things to look for in a companion than dancing ability, but I don't care...the ability to dance (or at least try) is very important to me. I have been dancing my whole life, and I want to be able to take my boyfriends to parties and dance with them. They don't have to be the smoothest or the best dancers, just be able to keep rhythm. One of my exes was a professional ballroom dancer (he now owns a studio here), and some of my happiest moments with him were spent dancing.

Anonymous said...

Screw dancing. Show me the money!