Friday, August 18, 2006

My parting words for my first blog

Not all families are as close as mine. So I fully understand when I hear a daughter or a spouse leave a loved one and the farewell consists of a simple "see ya later," or perhaps "adios."

But, what if by some unfortunate circumstance, your loved one doesn’t live another day and the final words resounding in your head are, "Yo, holla at ya later, Ma"?

Love is a touchy subject. Some people live their entire lives never hearing the "L" word uttered from their parents' lips. How sad and how hollow a feeling that must be.

I learned at a young age to always say "I love you" (ILY) because I never knew when or if I would talk with that person again. Parting words are the fossils we leave behind.

But what if the big ILY is too mushy for your spouse to say front of his co-workers? You know what I’m talking about, ladies. You call your husband at work. He’s in a cubicle surrounded by big, burly, ball-scratching men. You say ILY and he mumbles a Neanderthal-like response, then quickly hangs up and tries to appear as though the entire conversation never took place for fear of severance from future male bonding.

At first, you think it’s your cell phone service breaking up. Then, you realize. He’s just a big wuss. Saying ILY in front of his buds is too sensitive. Fine. So what’s the answer?

Find another endearing phrase that lets others know what they mean to you. Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore found theirs in "Ghost" -- "ditto," and I say that works. So does "Hey, me too."

Do you and your loved ones have alternative phrases that stand in place for ILY? Should our spouses just suck it up and say the mushy words out loud – co-workers or no co-workers around?

I feel like we don’t put enough importance on telling others how much we care, even if we’re at work in tight quarters with hairy jocks as co-workers. So, stay classy Charlotte.
I love you.


Anonymous said...

Having recently being in the precarious position of "to respond or not to respond" on the phone with my significant other, while setting in front of my grown daughter I used the "cop-out" phrase "Oh, me too" this offended my loving partner on the other end of the line. You are right, it's important to say it now, before you can't say it!

Anonymous said...

The "significant other" just mentioned in the first comment has been slandered! In the stupid, liberal, "politically correct" world that's destroying us from within anything that's not agreed with MUST be "offensive." Bull feces! I was not offended, but I did question why anyone who truly loves another would be afraid to say so anywhere, an time. This boyfriend loves the lady and can't wait for everyone to know!

jenn said...

My husband has no problem saying ILY when he's at work and we're ending a phone conversation. But we do have a little thing that we always sign emails and notes with... LYMTMP. It means "I Love You more than mathematically possible." (He's a numbers geek.)

Anonymous said...

I was so hoping that "my parting words for my first blog" meant that you were giving it up.


Anonymous said...

In the work place it is kind of hard to say those words when you are gay (and in the closet at work) and those around you KNOW you are not involved with anyone!!!!!! Would love to be able to say those words to her-but being employed pays the bills.

One phrase my partner and I use in notes/emails to one another is 1-4-3
from a TV show a few years back (I love you.)

Anonymous said...

"He’s in a cubicle surrounded by big, burly, ball-scratching men."

Coulda lived without that "scratching" reference. I expected a little more class from your blog. Should have known better. Your parents and editors must be very proud of the money they spent(d) for your education and work. Hopefully, you only went to a community college.