Thursday, March 15, 2007

Bring on the bachelorettes

This weekend I’ll partake in a time-honored tradition: The bachelorette night.

I’m flying out in the morning and will return on Monday after a three-day bachelorette getaway. I’m super excited, not only to celebrate with the awesome bride-to-be, but also because I’m going to a big city – one I’ve never visited before, Boston – to paint the town. Me and 11 other women. Watch out!

The whole idea of bachelor nights and bachelorette weekends got me thinking about how men and women approach the concept.

Here’s what I think applies to the majority, especially after attending many bachelorette nights: Men see the bachelor night as a final sexual fling before the ring becomes a permanent fixture on his left hand. Women view bachelorette nights as a chance to bond with the girls and to be the center of attention for one big party.

Don’t get me wrong, bachelorette parties can have sexual connotations as well. But rarely have I witnessed or heard of a woman being unfaithful on the celebratory night (all I had was R-rated male strippers). I have heard from quite a few guy friends that men, more often than not, will break that oath of faithfulness (and yes, oral sex is sex) because well, they’re not married – yet.

I’m curious if my theories are common knowledge or if I’m just way off base, because you know - "What happens in Boston, stays in Boston."


Anonymous said...

I don't really care about the subject of the blog. However, I am really sick of everyone over using the phrase "what happens in vegas stays in vegas" or what ever city someone wants to use it for. If my fiance was unfaithful and tried to say "What happens in Boston stays in Boston" there wouldn't be a wedding.

Anonymous said...

You are WAY off base here. I have been to many, many bachelor parties and never once has the groom-to-be ever had sex (of any kind) with a woman. At most it'd be a night out at a strip club, or possibly a hired one who comes to the house or hotel. When that is the case they always come with a male bodyguard who makes sure things don't get out of hand. I'm not saying it NEVER happens....but for you to say "more often than not" is ridiculous. And a lot of times the best parties don't even involve a stripper or dancer...or any woman at all, just a night out with the boys.

I think it's the women's bachelorette parties that have become overdone and tacky. You can't go to any good bar on a weekend without 3-4 groups of women there for their bachelorette party. Last one I saw had the bride in her veil - with male sex organs stapled to it, and all the women drinking from penis straws. Classy ladies.

And I have known more than one single guy friend who has been "picked up" by the bachelorette party group. I remember one time where several of the women INCLUDING THE BRIDE took turns making out with a guy and some serious groping - in their limo while the rest of the group watched.

Anonymous said...

I got married in a really small town. There weren't strippers within 200 miles ofus. So my brothers and I went bowling and drank a lot of beer. The shoe girl was pretty hot, but she had a steady, and well, they had a shortage on giant cakes. My wife has never talked about what she did that night. Hmmm ...