Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Get thee away from me, adorable boy!

So right after I blab in a previous blog about how I don't have time to date, what happens? I meet a cute guy, of course.

Oh, don't get so excited. Nothing's gonna happen. The timing is amusing, that's all.

Remember what I keep saying about how you have to be open at all times if you want to attract dating possibilities? I didn't realize I was following my own advice!

I spent Monday morning at a car dealership, having my car, Pandora, worked on. The guy who took my information and checked Pandora in was adorable. I thought I was looking pretty rough -- old sweats, no lip gloss, and I brought my knitting, for chrissakes -- but he seemed to think otherwise. Lots of extended eye contact and over-explanation of processes. He pulled me aside later to fill me in on Pandora's progress and used the time for a little flirting. When my car was ready to go, he walked me out and we stood talking for awhile. Turns out we had something in common: We've both lived in California and would love to go back someday. He made a point of telling me, at least half a dozen times, that if I needed anything, anything at all, all I had to do was call the number at the top of my auto papers. We shook hands and there was a pregnant pause, like in the movies ... and we went our separate ways.

I know what you're thinking. "You fool! Why didn't you give him your number? Why didn't you get HIS number? Why didn't you give him that little nudge to let him know it was OK to ask you out?"

Well, I wanted to do all of the above, but something inside stopped me. As I drove off, I realized what it was.

I'm growing up, dammit.

You guys, that dude was way too young for me! Nowhere near 30. And can you imagine how many chicks he must hit on at work? He's just the type of man I can't stop being drawn to: good-looking, extroverted, a little goofy, a lot flirtatious. The guys who are great fun in the short-term, not so great for the long haul. How many men like that have I tried and failed? That's what I mean when I say I'm "growing up": Instead of throwing myself heart (or libido) first into something that obviously has no future, I'm actually taking time to consider my actions and have "back to reality" conversations with myself.

You want someone your age, Deirdre.

You want someone a bit more serious and a bit less flirtatious, Deirdre.

You want someone your HEIGHT, Deirdre. Why are the cute ones always so short?

Sigh. Reality sucks ... but it's right.


Anonymous said...

K.I.S.S.: Keep It Simple Stupid (no offense). Quit over-thinking things. YOU PEOPLE... the women-folk... make everything too difficult and you are your own worst enemies. That guy might turn out to be the man of your dreams, but you're too busy thinking about things outside of the present to get to step one. Live in the moment!

I love ya'll, but you drive me crazy.

Anonymous said...

Hey I am 30 will you go out with me. I think you are HOT!!

Deirdre McGruder said...


Anonymous said...

Stay single. It's what you seem to be good at.

Stop playing. Get a cat. Drop out. It's you g'fiend.

Anonymous said...

"You want someone your HEIGHT, Deirdre. Why are the cute ones always so short?"

That sentence alone says you are a long way from being ready for marriage. You sound like you're 21. Be open-minded or else you stand a good chance of not recognizing the soul mate God sends you just because it's in a less than perfect package.