Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Do the eyes have it? Not too sure 'bout that

Check out this video about Eye Gazing parties, a relatively new way for singles to meet. I say "relatively" because I heard this was going on a few years ago in New York, and really, don't all the weird dating trends start in New York? But I always wondered what "Eye Gazing" would be like (how do you keep from laughing? What if you get stuck with somebody who has crazy, Anthony-Perkins-in-"Psycho" eyes?), and this quick AP video offers an idea.

At an Eye Gazing party, about 50 or 60 singles gather in a room, equal number men and women. They line up across from each other and look into each other's eyes awhile before moving to the next person. "The idea is that you actually can get to know someone more looking right into their eyes," the organizer explains in the video. The ones who feel they've made a "connection" can mingle afterwards and exchange numbers or leave together or whatever.

Hmm. While I agree you can learn a lot about someone from their eyes, that knowledge doesn't really come from simply staring at them. You notice if people's eyes light up when they see you coming, or shift away guiltily when they've done something they know you won't like. You can tell if someone meets your gaze during conversation, or if their eyes follow the pert butt of a waitress as she walks by.

But just staring at a stranger and saying nothing? Sure, it's a good way to decide if you're attracted, but it doesn't take minutes of gaping to determine that. You could spend the first few seconds thinking, "wow, this person is smokin' hot," and the rest of the time noticing how badly she applied her eyeliner. Or counting the lines around his eyes. Or if the person is like me, with chronically dry peepers, the starer has plenty of time to wonder if Mr. or Ms. Red Eye got enough sleep last night ... or had too many cocktails.

Still, singles are always on the lookout for new ways to meet each other. The video claims the trend is "taking off around the country," so if it makes it to Charlotte, happy staring!

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