Friday, March 28, 2008

I'm psyched for my reunion -- go figure

My 20-year class reunion is this year, and one of my best friends from high school got roped into tracking down members of our senior class. I called him to get the rundown.

Since I was hazy on the names he mentioned, we both went and got our yearbooks. We flipped through them as we talked.

"I feel like I should be drinking while doing this," he joked. No kidding. I was tempted to pour a glass of wine myself. The walk down memory lane dredged up memories good and bad.

I recall what I used to say in my early 20s about attending a class reunion. No way I would go back unless I was really skinny, and had an awesome job and a gorgeous man on my arm. I'd been a super-shy band geek in high school, and I thought I had something to prove. I skipped my 10-year reunion because I didn't want to shell out for the flight from California to Alabama -- plus I told myself I was still in touch with everyone I cared about from those days.

Now I'm within easy driving distance of a reunion, and my long talk with my friend made me excited about going. As I flipped through the color pictures of us smiling seniors, with bad haircuts, ugly glasses and goofy smiles, I found myself curious about how we all turned out. The guys I had crushes on -- would I still feel the same way, or wonder what drugs I was on? The people I thought were so cool and interesting, but I was afraid to talk to them -- would they be as interesting now?

And what would my former classmates think of me? I can't say I'm as concerned as I used to be. I'm not going to go on some crazy diet to lose 60 pounds by summer. I'm not going to lie about my job -- so what if I'm not a doctor/lawyer/media superstar -- and I'm totally comfortable going alone, and telling people I've never married.

I'm just going to be Deirdre ... because I like her just fine.

How about you guys? Did you go to your class reunions, or did you avoid them like Brussels sprouts? And why?


Anonymous said...

BORING! Deirdre, why is it that while your teammate Alisha seems to write good, thought-provoking entries, you bring the entire BLOG to a squealing halt with your topical banter? so need to get some. C'mon now.

Anonymous said...

I went to my 20-year reunion back in the fall, and I had a blast. I got to see some old friends I hadn't seen in a long time--including one who had moved to Dallas and another who now lives in Seattle. Amazingly, most of the ladies in my class are smaller now than they were 20 years ago, with a few exceptions. The guys, however, all seemed to put on a few pounds, myself included. All in all, it was a great experience.

I understand the trepidation about going to a reunion. Unfortunately, people make judgments about us based on what (or whom) we're doing and how much we have.

And forget Anon at 4:42 PM--I love reading your pieces, because they make me think. Keep up the good work!

chrlt37 said...

Boy, I always come off sounding bitter on this blog, don't I? But I'm really a nice person!! Anyway, on this particular topic, my 20th was last year (I graduated a year early) and I had no interest in going whatsoever. My twin sister and I attended the same public schools (Fairfax County, VA, one of the best, if not THE best public school system in the entire US), up until 8th grade when my parents decided that I was just too much of a deviant/bad kid to continue in public school. I attended a private school I couldn't stand (that's why I did my level best to graduate early) and I couldn't care less if I ever saw anyone I went to high school with ever again. I’ve only seen one person I graduated with in H.S. since and it was purely by accident about four years ago and although she looked almost exactly the same (just older), I know I didn’t, and I never even tried to make contact with her and I doubt she recognized me. My mother insisted she would pay for me to attend my 20th last year at the hated private school even though I told her I wouldn't set foot in that place again for any reason. For the record, I do have some reason to be bitter – my English teacher/counselor at this school – there were only 29 in the entire graduating class – was upset that I got a 1310 on the SAT as a sophomore/rising senior (this was 1986, I skipped a grade and graduated in 1987) because her favorite student and the great hope of the “true” class of 1987 scored 200 points lower than I did. She said “You’ll never do anything with it and Genene could use it”. Thanks for the encouragement!!! No, I didn’t attend my 20th and I don’t plan to attend any others for that matter

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:42: Leave Deirdre alone...if you don't like the blog, read something else...she's still gonna get paid no matter how you complain.

Anyway, my 20-year reunion is this year and I'm excited. I went to the 5- and 15-year reunions (skipped the 10th), and had a great time...but this time, I am going to be thinner, and I will have that hottie on my arm. No need to lie about my job either.

Speaking of which, Deirdre, maybe you're not a doctor or lawyer...but you're in the media...and that's pretty awesome. (Maybe I'm just biased because I used to work at a daily paper myself.)

Anonymous said...

Mine is coming up in October. I'm 99% sure I'm not going.

The reason? The entire paragraph about what your classmates would think, followed by your statement of liking yourself just fine.

I don't. I'm not there yet, and it sucks. Call me a wuss, but I'm ashamed of where I'm at, and I'm not going because of it.

Ran into an old girlfriend last night at Food Lion; we were both walking toward the store at the same time, we saw each other, and we said nothing.

That's why.

Have fun, y'all. Some of us haven't gotten over high school enough to go back now, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Wow reading these comments maybe the reason why I'm not getting great feedback for my 10 year reunion planned this June. I may have done alot in 10 years, but I'm not married, no kids, etc the succcess that many think you are to have, but guess what I'm proud to say what I'm doing right now and where I plan to be. I'm certainly not going to worried about being super skinny I have always watched what I eat and didn't gaint he freshman 15 in college, I will continue my same excerise routine, conitnue to watch what I eat and be excited to see everyone when I arrive.