Thursday, March 06, 2008

Study: Men + Housework = More sex

Joshua Coleman, a San Francisco-area psychologist and author, said in a report released Thursday that equitable sharing of housework can lead to a happier marriage and more frequent sex.

Read the Associated Press story here.

For Heaven's sake! My response to Mr. Coleman's take is simply: Well, no crap, Sherlock.

Does it really take a guy who spent years getting his Ph.D. in psychology to tell us that if two people are on the same level when it comes to doing household chores, caring for the children and maintaining a home that both partners might feel as though it's a true partnership, and will be more apt to express their appreciation for one another?

I sure hope we're a smarter group than that.

I'd like to see a report commissioned about how if women tell their husbands to watch football all weekend, then they're more likely to receive a bigger diamond for their anniversary!


Anonymous said...

I don't pay for it. In fact broads should pay me for it as I'm such so skilled in the art!

Anonymous said...

You're so brilliant, who needs education.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5:47 pm 3/6/08 - There are a couple of key words to your comment "broads" and "skilled"
If you think about it jug head that's why no one would pay you twice. Attitude is 50% of the event. What a jerk!

Anonymous said...

If a couple both work full time jobs (40-60 hours a week) and both provide similar income then the housework should be equally distributed. However lets say one of the members of this partnership works 40-60 hours a week and provides 70% of the household income and the other member works 25-30 hours a week and provides 30% of the household income. How exactly is fair for them to be on the same level for the housework? Lets then throw in another twist to this scenario. The partner that works 25-30 hours a week works those hours at night so they are home all day while the kids are in school then leaves for work right when they get home and the other partner is home with the kids all night and puts them to bed before the other partner gets home from work. Where exactly is the line for equally dividing the work, care and maintenance for the household? I know of several couples that live this crazy unheard of scenario. Sometimes the women are the ones that work fewer hours and bring home less money and sometimes women are the ones putting in all the hours and feeding the bank. Please help me understand why I should do half of the housework. Just for sex, OK, that may be a big motivator but what if it doesn't work. WHat happens after several months of doing half the housework and paying for 70% of everything and the sex life doesn't get better? Do I get to quit doing half of the housework or quit paying for 70% of everything? NOT, because then you get to keep paying for everything but then you have to do all of the housework because you are now divorced and you no longer have a partner. But now you want sex but you can't afford to risk getting into the mess you were in before and you can't evern afford to date because now your are paying for two houses, one of which is sometimes occupied by the other partner's new "friend"!! So in order to keep peace in the household you keep doing half the housework because now it is expected and keep paying for 70% of everything because it is also expected but you are not having sex and you don't have time to do anything else you want to do because you are working so much and when you get home you have all that house work to do. Maybe if I do all the housework the sex will get better. This is a vicious do I get off!!

Anonymous said...

If this is true , I should be having sex every day.

a husband said...

You can't forget about the concept that people like to be loved differently (that whole "Five Love Languages Concept).

I know a husband who loves doing the housework for his wife, but she really doesn't care much about that. She would rather him forget the dishes and go buy her some random gifts.

Though going the extra mile to help will always influence intimacy in marriage, not everyone is the same.