Friday, May 16, 2008

Dating 2 people at one time

In the dating world, you either have a significant other or you don’t.

But the line can get blurred if several significant others enter the picture.

It’s not hard to do. Picture it: You start out going on a few dates with this one woman. She’s taking it slow because she’s extremely busy at work and she’s divorced – so she's not in a rush to jump into anything remotely serious. Then, in between going out every once in awhile with Gal No. 1, along comes Gal No. 2. She’s available to hang out more often, she’s super cute, and oh, she’s totally open to being in a committed relationship.

Next thing you know, you find yourself “dating” two women, and in this scenario, it wasn’t done intentionally – it just happened. So what do you do?

Most folks would say this isn't an ethically smart thing to do; dating two people at the same time is deceptive or it’s not fair to either party, or possibly, it’s just a matter of having cake and swallowing it whole.

Sure, if one of the relationships starts to develop into something more than the hanging-out, going-to-the-park, watching-movies type of activities, then I think you need to pick a partner and devote your attention to him or her. Dating two people ends here.

But, if both of your relationships are more on a strictly platonic level (this is key), then why stress out about the fact you have two people in your life who care about you? I say life’s too short, so enjoy it.

Be honest – with your dates and yourself – about the situation.


Anonymous said...

variety is the spice of life - don't really think it matters if you have an SO or not.

step out and feel the vigor of life from time time and bring the excitement home

Anonymous said...

It's OK to date as many people as we want. As you say, though, we should be honest.