Saturday, May 24, 2008

Singles: Some places to meet in the heat

I was flipping through latest issue of Eye, the Observer's free publication available in the uptown area, when I came upon this article about MatchMaker Tennis. The club pairs up people who have the same skill level, and if you've always wanted to learn how to play tennis, they also offer free beginner lessons. The weather has been so wonderful lately, and this would be a fun way to meet new people and practice your serve at the same time.

And in case you missed it, CLT (the Observer's guide to stuff to do on the weekends) had an article about rooftop patios for the partiers. I've been to a couple of them: The Forum (chatty, attractive people with a nice racial diversity, but it skews a bit young) and the Gin Mill (laid-back; weeknights are better). The list makes me want to try them all!

Got any fave places you want to share?

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Anonymous said...

I tried the Farmer's Market, no luck. Tried to flirt with some Widespread Panic chicks at Manifest on South Blvd., but they were kinda burnt out, or something. I'm going to try the Showmar's in Monroe tomorrow, I heard there is a waitress over there who is generous with the sweet rolls, if you know what I'm saying.