Tuesday, September 26, 2006

10 things men should know about women

1. If you're single, don't judge the next woman you meet by the last woman you met. Sure, the next chick might be crazy (or worse, married), but what if she's not? - Deirdre

2. Don't tell us if you dated a stripper. The constant comparison in our heads will drive us crazy. - Alisha

3. Most women want good sex just as much - if not more - than you do. If you find a women who wants it as often (or as little) as you do, keep her, because sexual compatibility is a glorious thing. - Deirdre

4. Tell us (nicely) if we look fat in these jeans. You're right; there's no good way a guy can come out on top with this question. However, there is a way to be honest so we won't go out of the house looking like a house. - Alisha

5. Little things go a long way. Opening doors, carrying coats, walking on the side closest to the street - we notice. And we like it. - Deirdre

6. Girls don't want to date duds. TV, sports and the couch cannot make up our lives seven nights a week. - Alisha

7. No woman deserves to be hit. EVER. Just get out of the relationship ... and remember No. 1 on this list. - Deirdre

8. It's a man's world and we're trying to change it. You acknowledging our efforts means more than you might think. - Alisha

9. We love you. And we hate you. Often at the same time. It comes from the long, complex history men and women share, and communication is the best way to keep the emotion you want at the fore. - Deirdre

10. We're jealous. We really do wish we could pee while standing up. Nuff said. - Alisha


Anonymous said...

Completely awesome! This was a great topic, especially since some men are as dense as a table. I just wish my boyfriend would learn one more thing: If I'm already in a crabby mood (as we'll allowed to be sometimes), don't start the conversation by asking, "so what's wrong now?" That usually makes me shut a door in his face...

Anonymous said...

The Flip Side

1. Don’t compare the next man you meet to the amalgamated best qualities of every man you’ve known, heard of, or imagined.

2. Tell us YOU want to be a stripper. The constant fantasies will drive us crazy.

3. Most men want sex PERIOD. Quality is an issue that comes later.

4. If you have to ask the question “Do I look fat in these jeans?” you already know the answer.

5. Little things go away. In a short period of time, they become expected and failure to perform one of them even once becomes grounds for the “You don’t love me anymore/like you used to!” blubbering nonsense.

6. Men don’t like shopping: food, clothing, shelter, in person, online; none of it.

7. Just because you’re a woman doesn’t give you the right to hit either.

8. Most men don’t control the world. Stop blaming all of us for those things that an extremely small minority of men did/do.

9. Ditto.

10. And we wish you’d learn that it’s just as easy to put the seat back up as it is for us to put it down.

Anonymous said...

Amen "The Flip Side"!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a woman and I totally agree with the flip side. I sincerely hope men don't read the original list and think we're all as whiny and shallow as you two are.