Friday, September 29, 2006

About that wandering eye ...

I just want to second that emotion from 'Lisha's last post. She was trying to be all polite about it, but let me say it again, in stronger words:


Case in point: A good friend of mine is dating a new guy. She's trying to decide if she'll pursue something serious with him. One night he's over at her pad, and in passing, she shows him a picture of her younger sister.

Let me pause at this point of the story to say that there's no way men will ever be as smooth as women when it comes to checking out attractive members of the opposite sex. After a single, covert glance at a fine man, a well-trained woman can tell you if he's wearing a wedding ring, if he has thick, curly eyelashes and what color socks he's wearing. She doesn't make a big production out of it, she just assimilates the information and moves on. What can I say? It's a gift.

Most men, on the other hand, are such visually-oriented creatures that if a gorgeous woman passes by, they could lose their train of thought and be reduced to stuttering monosyllables. C'mon, guys! Pull yourselves together! Be cool about it!

Which brings us back to my friend, and the guy she's dating. Was dating. She showed him a picture of her younger sister, and I know the girl, so I can tell you she's very pretty. But this dude takes the picture and all but drools over it as he shouts -- shouts -- an appreciative "DAYUM!"

So not cool. You can guess what her reaction was to that.

Men, take it from me: the sooner you learn to appreciate beauty without making an ass of yourself, the better off you'll be. 'Cause there's nothing wrong with looking -- as long as that's all you're doing, and you're doing it with class.


Anonymous said...

One of my worst gawking moments: I was backing my Volkswagen out of the driveway, onto the street. A very pretty girl is walking by, and she is sorta smiling at me. I am smiling back, and BAM ... I hit a car behind me. The girl is not impressed. Luckily, neither car was damaged.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I were driving back from Atlanta. Had a great weekend together. In mid conversation he looks at a billboard advertising a "gentlemen's" club and apparently was so impressed with the beautiful woman on the advertisement that it was about 10 miles down the road when he looked at me and said "did you say something?" I laughed until I had tears running down my cheeks when he did that!

Anonymous said...

funny stories

Anonymous said...

Once in Charleston SC I was being all cool and discreet watching the Cadets jog by on the battery walk. I turned and looked at my husband still thinking I was being cool about it, when he reached over and wiped my chin and said "you've got some drool going there" I was embarrassed to have gotten busted.