Friday, September 01, 2006

Good for J.Lo!

Here's Jennifer Lopez with her hubby of two years, singer Marc Anthony, at the MTV Video Music Awards last night in New York.

Now, disregarding the fact that J.Lo is A) wearing what looks like a sequined pillowcase on her head, B) sporting thigh-high boots which, like leggings, should have stayed in the past and never come back and C) in general looks like a drag queen version of herself, I have to say I'm impressed with this duo. Given J.Lo's track record, I never expected them to stay hitched this long. (Especially when you remember how they got together -- they married, like, hours after his divorce from a former Miss Universe was final.)

But since she's been with Marc, our Jennifer has calmed down -- not so many tarted-up tromps down the red carpet, not so many US Weekly covers, not so many pseudo-songs on the radio airwaves and in the clubs. She seems to spend most of her time with Marc, working on projects -- recently, filming the movie "El Cantante" -- and squealing like a teenie bopper when he sings to her during his concerts. The most shocking rumor she's had to deny is that she's pregnant with her husband's baby. (But with the current Hollywood baby craze, I fully expect that to change.)

All in all, this seems to be a marriage that agrees with La Lopez. I approve.


Anonymous said...

After reading several of your blogs.....seriously, who agreed to let you two do this?

Anonymous said...

I second the motion.

All in favor of telling the Observer to can this crap?

Anonymous said...

Oh, please. If you don't like it, just don't read it!

Anonymous said...

1. There are probably lots of people who agree with the first two posters about this blog being pretty lame. Sadly though, it's not the worst out there.

2. Being impressed that they have been married "this long"...what's it been - a couple years? We live in a world of such low expectations that it is ridiculous.

3. JLo is completely talentless and unattractive. She can't act, would never make it past round 1 on American Idol, and is not pretty at all. I pass better looking girls on the sidewalk every day. She is famous because of her "multi-ethnic" look. She's kind of white, kind of black and mainly latino so the marketers can "sell" her to all those demographics. Let her extended 15 minutes of fame die already.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous from 9/1 at 3:55 pm. I'm sure the folks who read this blog don't read every single word on, just the stuff that interests them. If this blog doesn't interest you, move the hell on or write your own! (But on a serious tip, Alisha and Deirdre, you may want to spice things up a bit...this blog could be so much more than ordinary comments on a celebrity married for a whopping two years...let's talk more about real issues pertaining to relationships...from the perspectives of both a single and married woman!)

Anonymous said...

Pecan Pie is the best