Monday, May 07, 2007

Wachovia Championship is great for singles

I attended the Wachovia Championship on Sunday. First time I've been on a golf course. I expected to be there for a couple hours, just to satisfy my curiosity.

And you know what? I was there all day. It was that much fun.

It turns out that golf is like hockey: mind-numbingly boring on TV, but fascinating live. The downside is that watching live golf is a crap-shoot. I have co-workers who attended the tournament on earlier days; one came back pink from roasting in 90-degree temps and another came to work still shivering from that day's rain and cold. On Sunday the spectators were incredibly lucky -- for most of the day we had gorgeous, bright blue skies, a happy, temperate sun and plenty of cooling breezes. See that photo? I was chillin' like that by the lake, only closer to the action.

I'm mentioning the Wachovia for single folks, tho, because it can be one huge singles bar, if you want it to be. Thousands of people of all ages are strolling the course, lining up to see famous golfers tee off (look at that golf term I just used! I learned lots), or lolling in the grass, sipping beer and chatting. I was so fascinated by all the hot golfers -- you can get ridiculously close to them, and at one point I could've grabbed Tiger Woods and escaped in the lake ... if I could swim -- that it took me awhile to start noticing there were some hot guys in the crowd as well. And plenty of nubile young things in sundresses and flip-flips. And an overflow of well-off men and women of a certain age wearing designer golf gear, lookin' single and ready to mingle. It's easy to start conversations with the people near you; I spent so much time talking to the people next to me at the lake that we almost hugged when it was time to say goodbye.

When the Wachovia rolls around again next year, check it out. You could make a love connection on the back nine. (Golf term!)


Anonymous said...

I wonder who the co-worker that came back looking like a roasted pig was?????

Probably one of the bridesmaids in my wedding!

Bigg Johnson said...

A few comments heard at the Wachovia:

-Ah, that's a nicely manicured putting surface

-Smooth and fast greens

-Put it in the hole

-Stroke it smoothly

-Where's the ball-washer?

-I need Big Bertha

-Want to see a birdie?

-Can you help me find my ball in the bush?

-He really tore up the backside of the course!

-My driver's bigger than yours