Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Love being a family, but ...

Friday night is date night for me and my husband.

We decided a few months ago, when my work schedule changed and we needed our babysitter less often during the week, that we'd hire her to give us a regular break from "family" and a chance to once again be just "couple."

It has been amazing.

We escape only for about two hours every week (by Friday night, we're both too tired for major partying), but we've taken the opportunity to try new restaurants. Ones that generally do not serve chicken fingers and fries.

We've also visited our favorite restaurant (we're both Vietnamese cuisine freaks) often enough that the servers recognize us and, most times, can guess our drink order -- something that was status quo before children.

We spend most of our time (on a good night, all of our time), talking about something other than children. A wish list of vacation destinations. Career goals (and, in today's environment, worries). The books/magazines we're reading.

After all, it's one night a week to reacquaint each other with the individual adults that are part of our family.

It's a chance to remember why we got married, and why we stay married.

Worth a few hours of babysitting fees a week, don't you think?


Kevin Decker said...

I highly recommend this for couples with kids.

Can't afford a babysitter?

- Ask a family member for help.

- Trade-off nights with a family that has kids of similar ages.

- Organize a free parents night out with others at your church.

And guys, don't always expect your wife to always be the one to set this up. You will be amazed at the appreciation you will receive if you take care of this.

just wondering said...

Shouldn't it be "my husband and I"?

Anonymous said...

RE: Shouldn't it be "my husband and I"?

No, "me and my husband" is correct because they serve as objects of a preposition.

Anonymous said...

It's important to give your marriage as much care as you do your children. It also serves as a good example to your children as they grow-up - happy parents, happier children.

One day your children will grow-up, leave home (hopefully), and if you have nurtured your marriage over the years, the transition will not be nearly as traumatic.

Anonymous said...

I'm the grandfather of a 10 year old girl. I retired to Charlotte three years ago because that's where she was. Every Friday night is "date night." She and I go out together while her parents do the same. We all look forward to Friday nights. I believe each couple grows closer as a result of the arrangement. Some say it won't last forever. I'll enjoy it while it does. I love you Chloe.

alysse said...

Hey Grandad, Cudos to you. I wish I had one of you. As to date night. It is the single most important thing you can do for a marriage. Life is so fast these days. Also plan if you can a weekend away once or twice a year. Take turns having to plan it. Also, weekends tend to be crazy time. I would suggest Thursday nights or Sunday nights to save money and get great service. Makes it much more intimate setting as no weekend crowds. We also have learned to save we really don't eat that much, so we can split a meal. Many times we get tapas - just appetizers and a dessert- and are throughly full.

Anonymous said...

im glad youve decided to unlink this blog from the front page considering the warm commentary on Deidre's last post...this had a bit more taste and relevance than 'the scream test'... probably good to lay low for a while

Anonymous said...

Amazing grace! Lord love those little blessings!...'the children'..not talk about the children on a good night!
Thank those children for me and talk of them now...look what those children have 'tired' mom and dad doing while they are giggling and playing at home with babysitter time. AMAZING is what Mom says it is..and it is for sure..the two kids have 'tired mom and dad' away from them for two hours every week eating and talking! Growing up for sure with mom mentions 'less drinking' and partying too with more talking to one another instead!
Bless the children for doing such a fine good job with mom and dad!
Less drinking or no drinking even is always a best thing and better for the family and mom and dad too!
Keep up the good work I say to the children!!!!!!!!! who is doing the planning, those little ones know what they are doing with mom and dad everytime; that is why they are called BLESSINGS (from Heaven)