Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What you can buy at a 'slumber' party

Before my friend and her husband decided to get serious about starting a family, she held a little "slumber party" at her house.

Slumber party, of course, being a euphemism for the Tupperware-Party-like extravaganza at which women could sip some wine and buy, umm, adult toys for intimate purposes.

But the more interesting party -- really -- was on the other side of town, where the men attached to the partygoers held an anti-event. They grilled pounds of red meat, drank a few beers ... and fretted about what the women would bring home after the slumber party.

In fact, there was a list of things the men did not want to see (but we don't need to go into here), and many beers were drunk as they worried about the expectations their women might have.

Which amused the women. If the men didn't want to receive gifts from WAY out in left field, they had little to worry about. One of the attendees badgered most of the partygoers into sharing their purchases with the group. Some lingerie, some massage oils, but nothing too racy. (Not all of the women shared the contents of their brown paper bags, though ...)

But the guys' concern also left us women at a bit of a loss. Isn't a gift bag from a "slumber party" a dream come true?


Anonymous said...

How much for your women...we want to buy your women...send them to me

Anonymous said...

I don't know, they kinda look like they might have ordered 4 whole fried chickens...and a coke.

definitely not just dry white toast.

Anonymous said...

This is not the experience I have had with these 'fun' parties, as I remember one was given for my birthday by three of my fun loving friends. Word got out a few weeks early. Always a fun time with the ladies these 'slumber' parties can be as we visit and enjoy. The guest list for this particular one kept increasing (with ages from 75 to 21)
Back to the guys, they got wind of it early on too, and their minds were preoccupied with it all as most of them kept giving their wives and girlfriends blank checks or cash for the spending "no limit on what you spend, honey"! I laughed as I heard about the no limit on spending as the men usually would react very conservative with their women's spending habits. Some of the gals it was their first 'slumber' party to attend, so their guys waited patiently for it all to begin and end.
We all to this day remember with smiles that summer 'fun' party. The party went on and on with all the many (ladies only) guests who attended. Thanks for the remembering with a smile the 'not serious' fun 'slumber' party one summer evening.
The smiles on the faces with the guys as well as the gals 'post' party said it all.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand.

Anonymous said...

blues brothers, moron

Anonymous said...

fishisaWho is writing these blog entries and comments? Yoda?

"Always a fun time with the ladies these 'slumber' parties can be"? What kind of sentence construction is this? And the main "article" is not much better.

Is this where we're headed with "blogs" and "twitters" and facebook comments? A nation of illiterate gibberish?

Who needs a meritocracy or even a theocracy when you can have an idiocracy.

Anonymous said...

So how do women schedule their own party? Slumber Parties has a website where you can request a party with a local representative. Guys, don't even think about it - they're for women only! But don't feel left out, order-a-plenty online. I have attended several and think they're the most fun and professional out of all the other companies in our area.

Anonymous said...

Based on the photo attached to this probing question, I would have to guess that the answer is "ugly women".

Azure Works said...


Anonymous said...

Really now, some people writing these blog comments are just so very serious with reading blogs or the blog comments.
I find reading these blog comments amusing and very light reading and comical. A good laugh when the subject is not serious.
Poorly written or not that makes them all the more amusing. After all it is just a blog. Blog comics is what I call them if they make me smile and laugh.
And the most comical comments to read? Usually the serious comments when everyone else is not commenting serious or writing correctly.

Anonymous said...

... got website?

Anonymous said...

Unless they have changed their rules recently, they will allow males to attend these parties. I have been to one that was given by a "slumber party" rep.

Since we were in the state of South Carolina the only special rule was that she could not hand directly to me any of the items. This was due to an ancient law on the books, that basically equated to her soliciting prostitution by handing me any of the items.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure these parties results vary by the groups of ladies attending. I would certainly hope my gal would bring home more than some massage oil!

Marie in Charlotte said...

First, I agree with the comment of seriousness....These are BLOGS. I enjoy the writing due to its entertainment level. But when talking about the parties, I have been to a few, and they are just about fun. Purchase or don't purchase.... LOVE 'EM