Monday, November 12, 2007

Tribute to the families of the military

Let's not forget about Veteran's Day.

Now, let's also make sure we honor those who are the significant others of the men and women who are overseas serving our country. I cannot imagine my husband being gone for months on end, but every day there are thousands of wives who are feeding their kids in an empty house and thousands of husbands who spend countless holidays alone.

Sadly, it's easy to forget about those special loved ones left behind. Their personal battle is much different than their counterparts wearing combat gear, but it doesn't make the battle any easier.

Let's remember to honor the significant others of our servicemen.

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Clayj said...

I grew up in the military... my dad was an Air Force pilot. In the case of our family, my dad was only assigned to combat operations (in Vietnam) for a couple of years after I was born. After that, he was always at home with us, aside from the occasional TDY (Temporary Duty) assignment of anywhere from a week to a month. He told me a while back that being assigned to Southeast Asia while my Mom and I were at home was very tough on him. Later on, when I was in high school, he was offered a promotion to full colonel, but accepting the promotion would require going to South Korea without us for an entire year. Rather than leave us all Stateside, he opted to retire and take a civilian job.

I'm sure that a lot of current military families have it a lot tougher than I did when I was growing up. To them I say, here's hoping your husband, wife, father, or mother comes home safely, and soon.